Very high quality water soluble release agents, with different formulations, from completely synthetic, semi-synthetic and oil-based products. The METALCAST series offers a wide choice to satisfy all requests:

METAL CAST DL 580 G - concentrated synthetic release agent for the production of critical parts, with high temperatures. Excellent release power and high brightness of the pieces. Can be used for complicated productions where operating temperatures are higher than normal. Free of silicones does not create problems with painting.

Recommended dilution from 1.2 to 2.0%

Operating temperatures 240/430 ° C

METAL CAST DL 510 Z - fully synthetic concentrated release agent for aluminum and magnesium die-casting. Suitable for difficult parts with numerous plugs and extractors, and very high temperatures. Usable in the presence of softened waters. Very high release power.

Recommended dilution from 1.0 to 1.8%

Operating temperatures 250/450 ° C


LUBRO ER 3 - synthetic ecological oil  with different viscosities from 68 to 1500 ° cst. Excellent lubricating and fire-resistant power.

POWER CAST LX - graphite-free synthetic granular lubricant. Clean and economical, with a controlled granulometry of 1 mm. Dust free, thanks to its granulometry is not affected in the presence of moisture in the air. It does not pack.

POWER CAST SX - graphite granular lubricant with graphite. With controlled particle size at 1 mm. it does not pack and offers a very high lubrication.

POWER CAST B - white synthetic granular lubricant with 0,5 mm particle size.


ALU SAFE 620 - hydraulic fluid based on water glycol. Red, certified, it can be used and mixed with the most common fluids of the same family.

LUBRO H - self-extinguishing oil with bsae of natural esters, fire resistant and ecological, Available in 2 different viscosity grades, 46 and 68 ° cst.



LUBRO WAY - oil for gears and slides with high viscosity index, available in the grades 220-320-460-680

LUBRO THERM SYNTH 32 - Synthetic oil for mold control thermoregulators


PROTEC PCU - copper grease for high temperatures

PROTEC ALU - aluminum grease for mold starting

PROTEC GRAF LIGHT - graphite grease for mold starting

PROTEC PT - refractory paste for loading cups


KLP bio - water free release agent, excellent for mold starting, clean and with very high lubricating qualities ESTER BASED

GRAPHIX - spray graphite in 400 ml cans. for starting molds

START 9 - mold start up oil ester based

ALU DET RA - mixing plants and spraying of release agents cleaner