Lubrochem produces an innovative series of products for hot stamping of steel and brass, constantly looking for innovative products and raw materials, performing and attentive to man and the environment.


Water-soluble release agents for steel hot forging

LUBRO STEEL DCA 251 - release agent without graphite, with excellent lubricating power and very low environmental impact. No smoke and corrosion.

METAL CAST GRAF 591 - dispersion of colloidal graphite in water


Oily release agents for brass hot forging

LUBRO DCA 110 - oily release agent for hot brass molding. Innovative product without graphite, clean, self-extinguishing and very low emission of fumes.

LUBRO GRAF 121 - dispersion of colloidal graphite in synthetic oil with high viscosity

LUBRO DCA GR3 - special mix dispersion of high quality raw materials, small adding of graphite in  vegetal ester oil.