Lubrochem has recently introduced in its product range, also a series of emulsifiable fluids for metal mechanical processing, fully developed and produced within its own factory.


Emulsifiable oil for mechanical processing of metals in general

METAL CUT BIO M72 - emulsifiable fluid for machining aluminum and brass in particular, but suitable for all metals in general. Based on vegetable ester, it guarantees a very high lubricity, a high emulsion stability and a tool life superior to traditional mineral fluids.

Recommended dilutions: 4-5% aluminum / Brass and other alloys 3%

METAL CUT SYNTH HF - translucent synthetic fluid for light mechanical work and for grinding.

Recommended dilutions from 3 to 8%


Lubricating oils for slides and ways, control units and spindles.

LUBRO HM 32/46/68 - hydraulic oil of paraffinic origin for hydraulic power units.

LUBRO WAY 32/68 - oil for guides and slides of paraffinic origin.

LUBRO HLP 10 - oil for turning lathes


LUBRO CUT 9EP - oil based on vegetable ester strongly additived EP with low viscosity index, suitable for drilling and threading.

LUBRO CUT LR 68/B - based on vegetable esters oil, for steel cold forming and punching. With a good addition of EP additives.